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Panasonic Axial Inserter AVK2B Catalogue


● High-speed Axial Lead Component Insertion Machine AVK2B

● The AVK2B is a highly economical VCD axial lead component insertion machine which can insert axial lead components at an insertion tact of 0.15 s/component.
● This machines adopts the vertical component feeder that allows multiple inputs and the two-separate feeder carriage that improves not only operation rate but also makes the machine very effective for continuous unmanned operation. Also, the optionally available jumper wire insertion function enables insertion of jumper wires without the need for tapping, which not only eliminates waste but also realizes efficient and flexible production.
Dramatically Improved Productivity
● Dramatic improvement in productivity is realized by high-speed insertion at 0.15 s/component.
● The following also contribute to improve the productivity;
1) Feeder carriage 1 component feeder movement within a tact time of 0.15 s/component,
2) The extended distance traveled by XY table within a tact time of 0.15 s/component,
3) Reduction of time required for insertion of jumper wire in Y direction (Approx. 10% improvement compared with the previous machine, AVK2).
● Random access system enables an operator to carry out operation with the touch of a button.
● The highly increased productivity of AVK2B (3 times as high as those of AE, AV and AVB) also
realizes significant reduction in insertion cost (and moreover in power and air consumption).
Self-Offset Function Allows High Quality And High Insertion Rate
● The rotation offset (theta offset) and insertion pitch offset become possible through two-hole recognition, which enables high-precision positioning of PC boards. High insertion rate can therefore be achieved.
● The displacement of PCB hole can be offset by the reference hole recognition offset and optional two-hole recognition offset, which realizes high insertion rate.
Standardized insertion unit
● The swing type bending die makes it possible to handle a lead of 0.4 to 0.8 mm diameter and insertion pitch of 5 to 26 mm per tool, improving flexibility. (The same insertion tool for AVK and AVK2 can be used.)
● It becomes unnecessary to exchange the insertion unit according to the components to be inserted,which results in significant improvement of productivity. 
Continued Use Of Random Access System
● A sequence taping machine is unnecessary, and recovery insertion of the component that caused an insertion error can be executed immediately after an operator pressed the button.
● The optionally available jumper wire insertion function makes it possible to eliminate the need for taping and to supply components from the drum, which allows significant reduction in production cost.
Max. PCB Dimensions: L50mm x W50 mm to L450mmxL350mm
Max. Speed: 0.15s/component
No. of Component Inputs: 60+60+JW
Electric Source: 3P/AC220V/4kVA
Pneumatic Source: 70L/min
Dimensions: W4050mm x D1900mm x H1590mm
Mass: 2350kg


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